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You asked for it. New service launched: Track Me On the Go

With the launch of Track Me On the Go, Bond members can be monitored and tracked live as they go from destination A to B via a number of transportation choices.

After input from the comments and requests of Bond members across the nation, Bond engineers and user engagement specialists have updated the algorithm and tools used for the previous Track My Walk to the more robust capabilities of multi-transportation based Track Me On the Go. Now Bond Security Agents can monitor you live as you make your way from destination A to destination B via a variety of transportation options, including, walking, driving, biking and trains or other public transportation.

What makes this unique is Bond has a proprietary AI that looks for deviations, and automatically and appropriately responds to them. For example, if you are walking and suddenly you start running, or deviate from the known path, Security Agents, monitoring you live, will detect that as it happens, and will check in on you to ensure you’re safe.

The simple process in the app looks like this:

Track My Walk has been a wildly popular service, so naturally with so many members using it, there were times members pushed it to its limits and found ways it could do more, It’s a natural evolution of any technology. In any business in today’s world, the one constant is change. Consumers, of course, are the biggest drivers of change. They put tech to the test every day by employing real world uses cases, with a number of variables that can’t be predicted until it’s in the hands of actual users. The result is a learn fast, grow fast ecosystem. Some services thrive and grow and evolve, such as Track Me On the Go.

Enjoy the new service. Keep the comments and recommendations coming,

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