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Personal Security for All.
The proven solution for you, your family,
employees and customers.

Individuals & Families

Personal Security for you and your loved ones in every situation whether you’re feeling uncomfortable or in danger. Bond 24/7 Personal Security Agents are only a tap away on the Bond app.


For Businesses, Universities, Public Sector Companies and Communities looking to provide their employees and customers with professional grade personal security and safety services, plus peace of mind.

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The Bond Personal Security Solution for the “Personal Security Gap”

In most situations where you, loved ones or employees feel uncomfortable or unsafe — it is too early to dial 911 since it is not yet an emergency, but you still want a professional by your side. Then, it could be too late to complete a 911 call because you are unable. Bond Security Agents are by your side 24/7 to proactively monitor and intervene before it is an emergency.

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