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Teaming-up in order to enhance personal security and peace-of-mind

Starting now, we’re offering our premium service to all members and new subscribers for $1.00 a month through July 1st, 2020 with all proceeds being donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation

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Ed Davis Former Police Commissioner of the Boston Police talks personal security

Whether you or your loved ones are isolated at home, walking outside alone, or opening your doors to a series of new delivery people, Bond can provide a range of security support from the emotional to the functional. Ed Davis talks personal security.

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Personal Security for All.

Personal security for everyone in every situation. Whether you're uneasy or in danger, Bond is only a tap away. Our technology, services and Personal Security Agents are available 24/7.



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Comprehensive Personal Security

Bond's Personal Security services are designed to keep you and your loved ones feeling safer, all accessible through a single mobile app:

  • State-of-the-art command centers staffed with certified Personal Security Agents
  • Innovative technology
  • Coordination with authorities, your contacts, and other service providers when needed


Life can be unpredictable, leaving us feeling safe one moment and anxious the next. Even when you feel uncomfortable, you might wonder if your situation is a real emergency, and not know whom to call. Until now.

With Bond's spectrum of services all your security needs are covered, each and every day.

  • Icon Image Location Service

    Feel Safer Together

    Designed to give you peace of mind, Bond lets you see the whereabouts of friends and family in real-time.

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  • Icon Image Track My Walk

    Walk With Confidence

    Bond can automatically monitor your location, speed, etc. along your route. If we notice anything unusual, we’ll reach out to you and involve the authorities if necessary.

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  • Icon Image Ready An Agent

    We’ve Got Your Back

    Feeling uneasy where you are? In a potentially unsafe situation? Simply press and hold ‘Ready an Agent’ to put a Security Agent on standby...just in case.

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  • Icon Image Video Monitor Me

    We’re By Your Side

    We all feel safer when we are walking with someone we trust. Tap 'Video Monitor Me' and a Personal Security Agent will instantly start monitoring your real-time situation via video call and keep you company.

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  • Icon Image Send Me A Car

    Get Out of an Unsafe Situation...Quickly

    No fumbling between apps to find a nearby car. Our Personal Security Agents can dispatch a car to pick you up and take you to a nearby location where you feel safer. It even works if you’re on the move.

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  • Icon Image Siren

    Discourage Unwanted Company

    If you’re feeling threatened, Siren brings attention to your situation with loud noises and flashing lights. With Bond Premium, a Security Agent will also reach out to you and involve the authorities if necessary.

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Reimagining Personal Security

About Us
About Us

We believe every life should be lived fully, confidently and without fear.

Bond is reimagining what it means to feel safe – for you, your loved ones, and for everyone. Personal security is no longer just for a select few. It’s for all of us.

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Reimagining personal security is our promise, striving to keep you safer is our bond.

  • 24/7 Security Agents

    24/7 Security Agents

  • family location

    Location Services

  • Track My Walk

    Track My Walk

  • Ready An Agent

    Ready An Agent

  • Video Monitor Me

    Video Monitor Me

  • Send Car

    Send Me A Car

  • Siren


  • Dial 911

    Dial 911

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  • "As a former Chief of Police with more than 30 years of deep experience in helping keep people safe, I'm impressed with Bond’s vision, technological and operational innovation combined with their ability to enhance the safety of community members. Bond services, particularly the preventative services, are aimed at helping reduce crime as well as increasing personal safety. Their trained Personal Security Agents are available 24/7 to help provide support and are available through an easy to use mobile app. I’m impressed with the strong team behind Bond and I highly recommend the service to anyone seeking greater safety."

    - Bill Craig, Former Chief of Police and Emergency Management Coordinator, Bond Advisor
  • "Bond gives me the assurance I need to feel safe anywhere I walk. I love the feeling of having 24/7 security with me at all times. I love the app, especially, the Track My Walk feature because I know that Bond is with me every step I take."

    - Jennifer J., Bond Member
our partnerships

Organizations & Communities

We partner with institutions, organizations and communities that want personal security services for their people.

Contact us for more information on how we can work together.

Public Safety

We maintain strong partnerships with the local authorities to coordinate our efforts when helping our members during emergencies.

If you're a member of law enforcement or other emergency services, please contact us for more information.

never go alone

Available 24/7, our Command Center and Personal Security Agents are part of a low-cost monthly subscription service.

Download our free app and try our Premium services free for 3 days!

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