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Where is your command center located?

We have multiple Command Center locations within the United States.

When should I use 911 versus Bond?

If you’re in an emergency that you believe requires the assistance of public emergency services, always contact 911. You can use our services anytime you feel uncomfortable or believe you may be in danger. We are not a replacement for 911.

Where can I get the Bond app?

You can download the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Can I change my emergency contacts?

Yes, you can update your emergency contacts by contacting Member Care at [email protected]

What happens when I don’t have cell service?

Cell service is required for us to provide you with services as designed. In the event you are in a location that does not have cell service, you’ll receive in app notifications that alert you to loss of services.

What training do your Security Agents undergo?

Personal Security Agents are vetted to ensure they have appropriate backgrounds. Many have military, emergency and 911 dispatch and customer service backgrounds. Our Personal Security Agents go through significant, issue-specific triage training to help them best deal with scenarios that members may encounter. All Security Agents achieve and maintain APCO International’s Public Safety Telecommunicator certification.

On what devices does the app work?
  • We only support mobile devices
    • iOS – We support iPhone 6 and above and iOS 11 and later
    • Android – we support all Android devices above Android 5.0.
      • Due to the multiple Android smartphone screen sizes, the view and appearance will render differently across devices.


Where can I access your services?

You can access our services throughout the United States (including Washington D.C.)

Features and Functions

What happens if you can’t contact me after I’ve engaged your services?

We take your safety very seriously. If we cannot reach you to confirm your safety after you’ve engaged us, and we believe you may be in danger, we will continue to try you via multiple methods, including phone and SMS messaging. If we are unable to reach you, we will then reach out to your designated emergency contact. If we are still unable to confirm your safety, we will call 911 to alert them to the situation.

Billing and Subscription

How much do your services cost?

You can purchase our services on a month-to-month subscription basis starting at $50/month, or purchase a yearly subscription starting at $450 (a 25% savings over the month-to-month option), plus any applicable taxes. Our free services include Location Services, Siren (without access to the Security Agent), and the 911 dialer.”


Do you have any free services?

All of our digital services are Free. Anything that requires the use of the Personal Security Agent is part of our Premium Subscription. Our digital services include, Location Services, 911 dialer, and Siren that does not connect to a Security Agent.

Bodyguard Services

How can I / my company become an executive protection provider for your bodyguard service ?

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a provider for Bond. Please send us an email at [email protected] with the following information: your contact information, information about your company, your bodyguards, the vetting process you follow, the services you provide, licenses that you hold, a certificate of insurance, and references. Our team will review all documentation you provide and follow up when/if we expand our list of providers.

Where is the Bodyguard service available ?

Our bodyguard service is currently offered in the contiguous United States, Alaska, and the Hawaiian Islands.

What is the process to reserve a bodyguard?

To reserve a bodyguard, simply tap the bodyguard button in your Bond app and complete the request form. Once submitted, a Reservation Agent will call you back within minutes to confirm the details of your request.

What experience do your Bodyguards have?

Bond has partnered with vetted, professional and proven executive protection providers to provide our customers with bodyguards. All bodyguards are vetted via our worldwide executive protection partners. Every bodyguard goes through a thorough background check. Bond conducts additional vetting focused on areas covering professional background, psychological and behavioral assessment and training inclusive of first aid, tactical driving and self-defense. In addition, Bond Security Agents in our Command Centers oversee the assignment from start to finish.

How much notice will I need to provide to secure a bodyguard?

The lead time depends on your location and the location of the nearest available bodyguard. Please reserve your bodyguard with as much advance notice as possible as demand for this service can be high at times. 12 hours of advanced notice is optimal and will allow us to assign the best bodyguard and skill set to match your needs.

How much does the bodyguard service cost?

Bodyguard services require a current subscription to Bond premium services. Prices will vary based on your job requirements. Rates start as low as $50 per hour. One of our Reservation Agents will give you a formal quote after discussing your specific requirements.

What is your cancellation policy for bodyguard services?

Bond will refund you 100% of your deposit amount if the request is cancelled prior to assignment of the bodyguard. If the request is cancelled more than 12 hours prior to the start time of the assignment, Bond will refund you 100% of your deposit amount.
Between 1 – 12 hours prior to the start time of the assignment, we will refund you 50% of your deposit amount. Cancellations less than 1 hour prior to the start time of the assignment are not eligible for a refund.

Can my bodyguard be armed?

We can provide armed bodyguard services. However, keep in mind that certain venues may prohibit weaponry. Note that if the bodyguard is armed, s/he is required to have all current licenses and permits.

Can I get one bodyguard to cover myself and my party/entourage?

Yes you can, but it is not advised as the bodyguard needs to be focused on your safety. If you require a team, we can certainly get that set up for you.

Can I pick the gender of my bodyguard?

Yes you can. Please provide as much advanced notice as possible to increase the likelihood of us being able to provide service when you need it.

Privacy and Security

What data do you collect from me when I use your services?

We collect the following information, to help keep you safer: location, video and audio recordings as well as account related information you provide as part of the sign-up process, which includes, but is not limited to, email, phone number and emergency contact information. Your privacy is important to us and we never sell or rent members’ personal data to advertisers. You can find more detailed information in the Privacy Policy, which is located in the Bond app.

Why do I always have to share my location?

Always having access to your location is necessary for our services to function as designed and is part of the permissions granted when agreeing to the Terms of Use. This helps us enhance your safety. Knowing your location also provides important contextual details. For example, being able to see where you were before you contact us allows the Personal Security Agent to provide more relevant and useful safety guidance.

Can you listen to my conversations when I’m not on a video or audio call with a Security Agent?

No, we cannot listen to those conversations. We only have access to video or audio for connections initiated by you or when you accept a communication initiated by our Security Agents. Once you end the connection on your end, we no longer have access to your camera or microphone.

How do you keep track of my location?

Our location tracking technology uses the most up to date Google location API, combining GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular data sources to triangulate the most accurate location.


Why should I choose Bond over other providers in the personal safety space?

Bond is a one of a kind service. We are the only personal security service with Personal Security Agents, who provide 24/7 member support. Our on-demand access allows you to reach out at any time you may feel uneasy and get support in any situations where you feel concerned for about your safety. Personal Security Agents provide live support and act in real-time to help increase your security. Examples include, guiding you through deterrent actions, coordinating a car pickup and engaging emergency services if needed.

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