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Personal Security for All.

Personal security for everyone in every situation. Whether you're uneasy or in danger, Bond is only a tap away. Our technology, services and Personal Security Agents are available 24/7.

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The New Frontier in Personal Security

About Us
About Us

We believe every life should be lived fully, confidently and without fear.

Bond is reimagining what it means to feel safe – for you, your loved ones, and for everyone. Personal security is no longer just for a select few. It’s for all of us.

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Carry the power of your own Personal Security Agent in your pocket every time you head out of the house with the Bond Personal Security mobile app. With Bond, you have access to a full suite of on-the-go personal security services:
  • 24/7 Security Agents

    24/7 Security Agents

  • family location

    Location Services

  • Track Me On The Go

    Track Me On The Go

  • Ready An Agent

    Ready An Agent

  • Video Monitor Me

    Video Monitor Me

  • Send Car

    Send Me A Car

  • Siren


  • Dial 911

    Dial 911

  • Road Assistance

    Road Assistance

  • Telemedicine


  • Security Check

    Security Check

  • Body Guard

    Body Guard

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  • Living in lower Manhattan and having lived through 911, Superstorm Sandy, Occupy Wall Street and now the coronavirus pandemic and I know the consequences these events have on our neighborhood’s safety & security. Until now we had no easy and affordable resource to turn to in order to provide safety and security for me and my family. Now I am using Bond, a feature rich personal security system app on my cell phone which works similar to a home security system except it travels with you wherever you go. One of the app’s options allows you to easily and seamlessly schedule a personal bodyguard for any purpose you may have on the fly whenever you need it. I used it for my family’s peace of mind to an event during a period of civil unrest. Our bodyguards were former FBI and Homeland Security agents who are highly professional and experienced. They made me and my family feel extremely safe and secure. It never occurred to me to hire a bodyguard, but, ordering one was so easy on the app and it was surprisingly affordable that I gave it a try. It made attending our event less stressful and much more enjoyable knowing that Jim and Mark were watching over us. I won’t hesitate to use the service again. Thank you, BOND !!

    - Ken P., Bond Member
  • I am happy to be part of the Bond mission. Bond offers a unique and valuable service, enhancing peace-of-mind and personal security for individuals and families. In particular, I see great value in Bond’s 24/7 Personal Security Agents and the novel array of preventative services for situations that do not initially reach the severity of a 911 emergency call. This includes monitoring members and being by their side. Bond has taken a professional approach to designing its services, combining security expertise, technological innovation and exceptional performance.

    - Raymond Kelly, Former NYPD Commissioner, Bond Advisor
  • "As a former Chief of Police with more than 30 years of deep experience in helping keep people safe, I'm impressed with Bond’s vision, technological and operational innovation combined with their ability to enhance the safety of community members. Bond services, particularly the preventative services, are aimed at helping reduce crime as well as increasing personal safety. Their trained Personal Security Agents are available 24/7 to help provide support and are available through an easy to use mobile app. I’m impressed with the strong team behind Bond and I highly recommend the service to anyone seeking greater safety."

    - Bill Craig, Former Chief of Police and Emergency Management Coordinator, Bond Advisor
  • "Bond gives me the assurance I need to feel safe anywhere I walk. I love the feeling of having 24/7 security with me at all times. I love the app, especially, the Track My Walk feature because I know that Bond is with me every step I take."

    - Jennifer J., Bond Member

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Available 24/7, our Command Center and Personal Security Agents are part of a low-cost monthly subscription service.

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