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The Tommy Gabriel Story

TMZ Commentator, Tommy Gabriel, opens up about his frightening experiences with personal security and how the Bond Security Service helped him through his fears.

My name is Tommy Gabriel. I am a social media influencer, actor, TV personality that has gained 50,000 followers internationally. I have appeared on TMZ Live and an Amazon Series. I am someone who is always in the public eye and going out in public can be scary at times.

Tommy Gabriel on TMZ

I want to take this time to tell you what I was doing before having Bond as my Security Service and the scary experiences that I never told anyone before.

It was 2019 during the summer, I was doing great in life and I thought it was time to get myself out there. I met this guy and we were talking for a few weeks on Tinder.

We met up and things seemed good at first then it took a scary left turn…

He started to get controlling and asking why I was on my phone so much. He demanded to see my phone and saw my following of more than 14,000 followers. He snapped and started to get jealous and angry in the car as he was driving. I asked for my phone back. He refused; he was trying to give himself a shoutout on his Instagram account from my account.

I finally retrieved and was not only annoyed, but also a little scared for my safety.

He kept saying, “Why do you even have a following?” and was getting increasingly agitated and speeding in the car.

My heart dropped when he said “What if I just blindfolded you and brought you somewhere private. *started laughing*”

I was texting my close friends to tell them what was going on since I was in his car returning from the movies with him. I had no escape. I thought I knew this person but clearly not.

He thankfully drove me home and never again would I meet up with him.

I always joke with my close friend Jillian saying that I need a panic button to press just in case and after years of trying to find a solution. I came across Bond. It paid off a week after I downloaded it. I was in a different part of town waiting for my Uber and it said it was going to take 30 mins for someone to get to me. Things started to get weird, so I called up a Personal Security Agent to Video Monitor Me until Uber got to me. It put my mind at ease knowing that I am not alone doing that time.

I personally feel this application is great for anyone but indefinitely for college safety and even campus safety for their staff members. Since COVID-19 and new schedules because of a risk of COVID-19 on campus, you are most likely walking to your car alone and need that personal security. Now you have the lifesaving solution.

What it looks like to use a Bond Security Agent.
What it looks like to use a Bond Security Agent.

Best Bond services to use for Tommy’s situation.

Stay safe out in the world.

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