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Welcome to Bond: Letter From The CEO

While 21st century technological innovation contributed greatly to our comfort, convenience, entertainment and health – it has not meaningfully contributed to our peace-of-mind or personal security.

Bond is a new paradigm of personal security and peace of mind – as a service. Bond is here for all people in all situations, balancing human-touch and empathy with technology, personal security with privacy, and personalization with scalability and affordability.

Why We Created Bond

Our authorities protect us at the national security level, prevent and deter crime, and in the case of emergencies assist everyone through 911. Indeed, we thank all who contribute to our safety. However, at the personal level, we and our loved ones routinely face situations that may be concerning that don’t (or don’t initially) rise to the level of requiring law enforcement to engage. Currently there is no solution that addresses this reality, and there is no existing organization or platform that is available to ‘keep an eye’ on you 24/7.

Maybe you’re walking home late at night down a poorly lit street, or maybe a loved one is in the presence of a stranger with no one else around – on a blind date, having something installed in your home, or the last two people on an otherwise empty train. Perhaps you’re just worried about whether your kids made it to school safely. These kinds of situations comprise a “Safety Gap” that Bond was built to address.

Bond’s Mission

At Bond we believe everyone has the right to feel and be safe, and we are on a mission to create a safer community, with your help, by harnessing and orchestrating community resources.

Our thoroughly tested services are anchored on background-checked, trained 24/7 security agents who activate innovative technologies that we developed to assist our members. This includes a rich set of services, through our Situational Security Design approach, for a variety of situations that are all available to our members via our smartphone app.  Our security agents operate harmoniously with first responders, as well as other community resources, and can also avail roadside assistance and other services. Think of them as your “personal security concierge.”

We are ready

Since we became operational in late 2018, Bond has provided services to tens of thousands of members, helping them in routine, but also difficult situations, often orchestrating the assistance of the police or medical services.

We do not sell any other products or services. We don’t sell data. And we don’t fund our operations via third parties’ advertising.

Our singular focus is striving to keep our members safer. I hope you will consider joining us.


Doron Kempel
CEO and Chairman, Our Bond