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Personal security app Bond comes to St. Louis

ST. LOUIS ( — When crime rates are high and so much is in question, personal safety becomes a top priority.

And like most things there’s an app for that. It’s called Bond.

It can track your walk or call you a ride.

Bond also connects you to a security agent anytime of the day within seconds, so if you’re walking alone in a parking garage or meeting a stranger for a date, you can send a message through the app and connect with someone who ensures you’re safe.

“So if I’m a real estate agent, and I get into an open house situation, I’m going to ask Bond to check on me in 15 minutes,” said founder and CEO Doron Kempel. “Or check on my mother everyday at 1 p.m.”

Some services are free, others require a subscription. There are already a few thousand users in the St. Louis area.