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New App Fetches Bodyguard-on-Demand

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If hailing an Uber or ordering groceries online gets too mundane, a new app lets users summon a trained bodyguard with the tap of an icon. 

The app, called Bond, is coming to market at a time when the world seems fraught and some crime rates are rising. The cost is $30 for 30 minutes.

“The Bond platform is designed for the large and growing number of situations ordinary people find themselves in—walking alone at night, getting the car in a dark parking garage, encountering strangers with no one around, worrying about unsupervised children,”  Doron Kempel, founder and CEO of Bond said in an email interview. 

The New York-based company employs call center workers who can talk with users with text, video or audio. If users feel they are in danger, they can request through the app that they be tracked, monitored by video, or sent a car service or a bodyguard. 

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