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Introducing New Services

As part of our mission to offer you and your loved ones the most complete personal security, we constantly develop new technology and services. The following are three new services that hopefully make you feel and be more secure: 

Security Check:  

Now you can have Bond virtually check on your loved ones. Simply reach out to a Personal Security Agent via chat, audio or video to set up a security check. This can be a one time or a recurring check-in. 

In order to carry out this service, we will need your help with the following information:  

  1. The name, contact information and address of the person you would like for us to check-in on. That person can be yourself. 
  2. We need to be ready for situations whereby the person we check in on does not respond, before we escalate, it is important we can contact someone close by, who may be willing to walk over and check on him or her. 

Telemedicine Services: 

We know that getting the answers to your medical questions has become more difficult than ever. In order to help you and your family get in touch with experts from whom you can get medical advice, we have partnered with a proven telemedicine provider. At your request, and for your convenience, we can coordinate an introduction to our partner which will provide the telemedicine services directly to you and your family. 

The fees for such services will be handled between you and the telemedicine provider. 

Emotional Support: 

In these challenging times, many experience stressful feelings, or even feel under duress in their own homes. Bond Personal Security Agents are available to help 24/7. 

You can use any of Bond’s Preventative or Urgent services for us to be by your side, monitor a situation for safety, connect you  to third-party emotional support hot-lines, contact someone you designate on your behalf and if necessary coordinate with the authorities.

As always,  our services are discreet, confidential and initiated by you, at your request. 

It is our greatest hope that you will feel comforted knowing you have all of these services in the palm of your hand, at the ready, should you ever need us.  

Be Safe