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How to increase security in insecure times

Until now, health and personal security have seemed like two very different states to most of us. 

But now as we all wrestle with the unfolding realities of day to day life in the time of the Coronavirus, it has become very clear that staying healthy and maintaining you and your family’s personal security are part of the same continuum. 

While we continue to worry about the security of our loved ones in the outside world–encountering a suspicious person, or being in a scary public situation –now, as many of us are restricted to staying within our homes, there may be more of a concern about our personal security inside as well. For example, there are reports of people utilizing the pandemic to gain entry into homes.  Confirm the identity of anyone who comes to your door. When receiving deliveries, politely request that the items delivered be left by the door, watch the person leave your property and then handle your goods.

In light of these circumstances, and at a time when we especially need to join together as families and communities, I wanted to share with you what many are using to successfully manage both the personal security and health challenges of the day. 

Novel services powered by cutting edge technology that addresses real human needs, such as Bond, is helping thousands of members, across the US, be and feel more secure, safer and better connected.  Such services are effective and efficient, and can be depended upon to deliver support, both emotional and functional benefits.

Bond Personal Security Agents are background-checked, trained and available to you and your loved ones 24/7. They can be accessed via the Bond app on your phone, across numerous services that Bond developed for various situations; as well as communication channels such as chat, call or video on the same app. You can think of them as your Personal Security Concierge, who can:  

  1. Keep an eye on you or your loved ones. A Security Agent  can be readied to engage when you are concerned or be  virtually  by your side on video.  
  2. Virtually check-in on you or a family member’s security on your behalf at a predetermined time to ensure everything is ok; and be available to such loved ones via the same app on their phone
  3. Track Your Walk as you walk outside  
  4. Use Location services in order to be aware of the location of loved ones, and/or receive alerts upon their arrival/departure of various venues.
  5. Connect ​you to a doctor on the phone and/or connect​ you to emotional support hot-lines.
  6. If the need arises, Bond can orchestrate the arrival of emergency medical assistance and/or the police.

All of these services are accessible on the app, which I would encourage you to download.  

During these uncertain times, I encourage you to take the necessary precautions to stay secure and healthy.

Ed Davis

Former Police Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and Bond Advisor