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Daily Mail

Presidential treatment! Personal protection app allows users to hire their own BODYGUARDS for just $30 for a half hour – and they even include former Secret Service agents


  • Bond, which is available on iOs and Android, offers several personal protection services for $9.99 per month
  • Users can summon a personal bodyguard in as little as an hour to walk them home, take them shopping, or help them navigate a new city
  • Pricing starts at $30 for the first 30 minutes or $50 for first hour, with each additional 30 minutes costing $25
  • The app’s founder, Doron Kempel, 57, is a decorated former deputy commander in the Israeli Defence Forces’ special ops division
  • The app also offers location tracking, video monitoring, and agents who will notify the authorities and an emergency contact if needed

From cars to food to cleaning services, there’s almost nothing that smartphone users can’t summon straight to their doors these days — and thanks to one new app, that includes personal bodyguards. 

Bond, a personal security platform available for iOS and Android, allows users to hire their very own bodyguards to escort them to meetings, walk them home, or even get them safely from one bar to another during a wild night out.

And while the company’s cadre of armed and unarmed protectors are made up of former security professionals, police, and Secret Service, the prices are actually affordable, even for non-Presidents of the United States.

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