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Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, and Associated Press carry the Bond story

Uber-like Bodyguard-On-Demand Service Launched by Bond Nationwide

Bond, the rapidly growing personal security platform, has launched a breakthrough service that enables people to easily and affordably order a trained and certified bodyguard through its smartphone-based app.

Bond’s first-of-its-kind platform addresses the “Personal Security Gap” – referring to situations in which individuals seek help when matters do not yet warrant a 911 emergency call. The Bond platform combines novel technologies with a critical human element in the form of 24/7 Security Agents available within seconds via an app whose range of services deliver peace of mind in increasingly fraught times. Its mission of resolving uncomfortable situations before they escalate to the level that justifies a call to 911 makes Bond a leader in personal security for individuals and institutions.

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/

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