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Going on a night

Going on a Night Out

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Walking Home

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Hosting a Party

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Enter your details below to start your reservation.
Requires Bond Premium Service.

Please provide the start and end date(s) and times you are requesting bodyguard service.

Enter your full home address (street address, suite / apt. #, city, state, and zip)

Do you require car service for the duration of your booking? 4-hour minimum and additional fees apply.

Do you require your bodyguard to be armed? Additional fee of $25 per hour applies.

Required: Please upload one government form of identification:

  • Driver’s License
  • Identification Card
  • Tribal Identification Card that contains bearer’s signature
  • U.S. Military Identification Card
  • Passport

Maximum size: 7MB

Allowed file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

† By clicking submit, you are authorizing Bond to charge the full amount of the estimated bodyguard service requested. A reservation agent will call you shortly to confirm your booking. Please download the app. This will allow us to simplify the reservation process and enhance your security during the bodyguard mission.

† After submitting your application, we will run a thorough process of analyzing the risk level of each request to ensure that we can provide you the level of protection that you are requiring and not placing you or the Bodyguard at undue risk. Situations we will not provide a Bodyguard to support include (but not limited to) the following: Initiate Aggressive Action towards anyone Intimidation anyone Surveillance of others Support criminal or other questionable activities. Requestors with a criminal record in the last 20 years If the Bodyguard determines that any of these conditions exist, they will disengage and you will be responsible for the remaining cost of the assignment By checking this box, you affirm that you understand and agree with these requirements.

Our Advisors bring deep expertise in areas including business and technology, government, law enforcement and social impact. Learn more.

Raymond Kelly
Raymond Kelly

Former NYPD Commissioner

“I am happy to be part of the Bond mission. Bond offers a unique and valuable service, enhancing peace-of-mind and personal security for individuals and families..."

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Chiko Scozzafava
Chiko Scozzafava

Former Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service

"I am excited to advise Bond on its important and innovative mission of providing enhanced personal security and peace of mind to all. Bond pioneers a new paradigm of personalized security; one that is comprehensive, accessible..."

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Jody Weis
Jody Weis

Former Superintendent, Chicago PD and Former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Philadelphia Field Office

"Having been responsible for the police force of one of America’s largest cities, I'm extremely encouraged to see Bond providing safety and peace of mind for numerous issues..."

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  • I’m a Bond customer and recently used the new Bond Bodyguard feature on my visit to NYC. As a mother to two girls, I felt that having someone walk with us in the city streets could give me that extra sense of security that I was looking for. The whole experience was seamless, from start to finish. I placed a request on the Bond app, filling out a handful of questions detailing my needs and other information. A representative reached out to me within minutes to confirm, checked if I had a specific concern or request and provide more information. I then received an email with the name, number and a photo of my bodyguard, Jim. Jim arrived right on time and was nothing short of professional. It really beat my expectations. He was polite and made us feel very safe and protected. He was focused on us the whole time.    Overall my experience with the Bond Bodyguard feature was perfect. I recommend this service to any young adult feeling unsafe in the city, a parent sending their kid out, a night out with friends and many more everyday scenarios we all participate in. Thank you, Bond. Bonding with you guys makes us feel safer!

    - Tali A., Bond Member
  • My father is very protective, so I used the Bond Bodyguard service at Publix supermarket when I went shopping to try it out. My bodyguard was very professional. Super tall. About 6’5” and former military. Not like the Mossad, though. He was open and friendly and put me at ease right away. Made me feel safe. We actually had a good time. Loved the service. I am planning on using it again. I like to get up at 5AM and go to the beach in Miami Beach for some air, and the city feels a little dangerous at that time of the morning. Perfect for this service.

    - Prince S., Bond Member
  • I was visiting New York from out of town and decided with everything going on it was a good time to try the Bond bodyguard service. I ordered a guard for an escort to/ from dinner. The entire process was super smooth and easy- they called me to confirm the details & I was able to secure a guard for that night. He was very professional, reliable & friendly- showed up right on time (we used the car service as well) and Bond agents confirmed with me both before and after that I was safe. Overall, incredible value (it cost less than dinner!) and definitely worth it for anyone looking for an extra layer of safety during a night out.

    - Molly F., Bond Member