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Teaming-up in order to enhance personal security and peace-of-mind

We all ask ourselves: What else can we do? 

What can we do to protect our loved ones, and to assist those who hold the front lines against the Coronavirus? 

At Bond, we’d like to ensure that all have access to our personal security services, at this time of need. 

Through July 1, 2020 we have dropped our subscription rate to just $1.00 per month and are donating all of the funds to First Responders Children’s Foundation, in their front-line stance against Coronavirus, and in support of the children of those who sacrifice the most. Click here to see the recent benefit concert sponsored by Fox News and iHeartRadio. 

We have broadened our scope of services in order to meet your special needs, at this particular time. As always, our 24/7 trained Personal Security Agents are available to assure, guide, and monitor you and your loved ones.  We can help discourage unwanted company; dispatch and orchestrate emergency medical and police personnel, when needed. In addition, when you need medical guidance we can connect you to a doctor on the phone (who will charge you separately). We also facilitate emotional hot-lines and offer as services whereby, on-demand, we virtually check on your loved-ones security.

We have aided thousands of members throughout the US and look forward to caring for you and your loved ones. 

Be safe–

Doron Kempel