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Donating to nation’s largest anti-sexual and domestic violence organization

As part of Bond’s mission, we are also committed to the courageous fight against domestic and sexual violence. Bond has donated to RAINN in support of millions of survivors of sexual violence.

Bond, the nation’s leader in personal security for all people, anchoring on trained and certified 24/7 Personal Security Agents and cutting-edge technologies, has helped thousands of its members prevent, avoid and get through trying situations including emerging sensitive and difficult sexual and domestic violence cases . Our comprehensive suite of services are all accessed within seconds via an app on a member’s phone. The Bond Personal Security Agents are accessible via a variety of service options as well as by video, voice or chat. Agents can be asked to monitor a situation, or perform Security-Checks on anyone at a specific time or frequency of her/his choosing. They can also provide live video monitoring to help give you peace of mind in any situation and even discourage a stranger who may be approaching. If any situation demands escalation, Bond can orchestrate the arrival of emergency services such as police and/or emergency medical teams. Bond can also reach out to your designated Contacts in situations you specify. If you need emotional, telemedicine, or roadside assistance support, Bond can assist.

Click here to explore all the ways Bond can personally support you and help keep you and your loved ones safer every day. Importantly, we cannot help people be more secure if they don’t know of our services and/or if they don’t integrate the Preventative Services into their lives. Please pass this on: let your friends and loved-ones know about Bond, and lead by example helping them integrate Bond services into their daily lives.